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Category: CFO

On October 23, 2017

How to Break Through Barriers to Fast-Track Your Budget

If you think your forecast process could be more efficient, you’re not alone: The Adaptive Insights Q1 2017 global CFO survey found that finance leaders would like to see their teams spend less time on report preparation and data collection (36%) and more time on forecasting and scenario analysis (40%). In a recent webinar, we
On October 16, 2017

6 Questions a Strategic CFO Knows to Ask

Today’s CEOs expect their finance chiefs to be strategic partners and growth champions. Over the past decade, CFO responsibilities have widened to include managing the company’s business model and overseeing the effective allocation of capital. At the same time, though, nearly half of CFOs surveyed in the Adaptive Insights CFO Indicator Q2 2016 report said
On October 2, 2017

How to Improve Collaboration Between FP&A & Operations

Many companies suffer from poor communication and collaboration between financial and nonfinancial managers. Operating managers don’t have sufficient input or buy-in to the financial planning process, and they aren’t educated about how their decisions can influence overall profitability. For its part, finance isn’t able to offer real performance insights that might truly help managers improve
On September 27, 2017

How to Deliver More Accurate Financial Forecasts

There’s more pressure than ever for finance teams to deliver accurate, updated forecasts. But increased volatility in the economy and business landscape can make that especially challenging. So what do you do when unforeseen factors disrupt your numbers? Here are three proven ways you can get back on track. Step one: Know you’re not alone
On September 22, 2017

How to Improve Your Financial Budgeting Process

What’s inefficient, hinders corporate progress, and stifles productivity? You guessed it—the financial budgeting process. In an era where the modern CFO is steadily emerging as a strategic force—armed with real-time data and game changing insights—it’s clear that old-school, static budgeting procedures just don’t make the cut. An active budgeting process, on the other hand, is
On September 20, 2017

Four Steps to Better Financial Reporting

Most businesses today know that their financial reporting is not as good as it should be. Yet many are slow to take action to correct it. The reasons are many, chief among them: other priorities. If you’ve put improving reporting on your “back‐ burner” wish list, don’t worry. I’ve identified four easy steps that can
On May 15, 2016

One simple way to empower your Finance team

As a CFO called on to provide vital statistics for decision making arising from budgeting, forecasting and planning, it can often be difficult for you to empower your Finance team to give you the real support you require. The constant demands from your organisation – and the time constraints imposed – often simply don’t allow
On March 4, 2016

Top 5 budgeting and forecasting challenges – and how to fix them

With the CFO’s role expanding to look at the “big picture”; strategic planning; maintaining trust in the numbers; and driving the company through uncertain times can place additional pressure on your Finance team. Pressure leads to pain points and, ultimately, problems. Below are five of the key challenges that we have found increase pressure on
On February 14, 2016

7 ways to streamline your planning and forecasting

In the volatile world of the Finance function, the budgeting and forecasting process can cause much frustration with little relief. But with advances in technology, there are ways to streamline this business-crtitcal process. We explore the 7 ways we’ve worked with our clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their planning and forecasting models.
On January 1, 2016

How to remove the risk from your planning and forecasting

To remove any business risk emerging from your planning and forecasting, you must first understand it. From how to identify that risk to managing, analysing and accurately judging it. With an array of risks, from competitors’ movements to cost volatility, removing risk seems almost impossible. Almost. Identifying Firstly, you must acknowledge that traditional budgets and