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our goal

Our goal is to help you streamline your planning and forecasting process so that it no longer remains a drain on resources. We’ll work with you and your team to quickly understand your existing forecasting and planning process and all the challenges that this creates.

We will show you how Adaptive Insights can overcome the challenges that you describe to us, and we’ll draw on our experience to suggest ways in which you can improve the process by using Adaptive Insights’ cloud based software to greatly enhance the process and the resulting reporting and outputs.

our mission

We won’t ‘sell’ or promise to deliver a solution that we know can’t be achieved. That’s why we have a 100% happy customer base who are all prepared to be references for our work.

We draw on this experience when meeting with new clients – we’ve often come across their challenges before within our existing customers’ and this helps us recommend a solution very quickly.

our way

The Clear Plan team has been in the vanguard of the Business Intelligence/Performance Management sector since the late 1980’s and at the inception of web-based services development during the 1990’s. We recognize that the combination of these two technologies in Adaptive Insights’ on-demand application finally delivers on the promise of robust, organisation-wide, on-demand budgeting, forecasting and reporting solutions for all.

Let us help you

build a proof of value for free

How can you ensure Adaptive Insights will work effectively in your unique environment and demonstrate to others that it will meet your business requirements? To ensure early and absolute clarity around the business value of Adaptive Insights, we offer free a “proof of value” service help improve the speed, quality and effectiveness of your decision-making.

Based on your business requirements and data we will build a model, in often less than five days, which you can then test for up to 30 days.

Step one: Discuss your specific business challenges and requirements for Adaptive Insights

Step two: Agree the scope of the “proof of concept” centred on the most critical and complex aspects of your budgeting and planning process.

Step 3: Create a customised Adaptive Planning Model to validate your requirements with your data under real business conditions

Step 4 : We will give you full access to the model for up to 30 days to understand how it will help achieve your objectives and build next steps towards implementation.

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Adaptive Insights

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Adaptive Insights users span all industries and are of all sizes. This diverse exposure has given us an amazing opportunity to learn how to quickly and easily grasp the key requirements of a forecasting and planning process and implement it quickly and efficiently.

We recognise that before you commit to any change in such a critical business function you will ned to be convinced of it’s value. That’s why we work closely with you to provide online demonstrations and comprehensive training materials to assess you in that evaluation.

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